Boost the sales potential of your

team, accelerate growth and reward staff.


Track orders and sales placed by staff.  IncentMe captures orders as they are placed by waitstaff.  Capture date and time of order, table number, customer, order taker and full order details.  IncentMe imports completed orders, capturing payment methods, tips and adjustments.  This information is available through a number of reports on sales by employee, product, category and more.  


Create Incentives and reward staff who reach or exceed a target.  Incentives can be created against number of products sold, sales by section, highest earning employee and many more.  Whether its movie tickets, dinner out, commission or just recognition create targets and goals for staff to achieve.  IncentMe is designed to build healthy competition among staff to help grow your business.


Use the information provided in IncentMe to grow your business.  Identify staff that exceed expectations and use them to help train under-performers.  Set targets, run promotions and track their successes.

POS Systems Supported

IncentMe currently connects with Kounta POS.

If you are not using Kounta drop us a note and we can see if we can connect with the system you currently use.

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